What is Paladin Managed Antivirus?

A recently joined Paladin client writes:

Dear Paladin, I recently switched over to your point of sale (thank you for all your help with that, by the way) and now my antivirus is expiring. I was just wondering if you had any recommendations for an antivirus?

Sincerely, A New Paladin Fan!

The following is a response from one of our technicians. This is CJ’s reply:

Dear New Paladin Fan, Welcome aboard! We’re glad to
have you with us here at Paladin.What is Paladin Managed Anti-Virus? paladin data corp pos system

You mentioned that your antivirus is expiring, and I have an excellent solution for you.

In April of 2014 Trend Micro suggested that Paladin start issuing licenses and managing antivirus programs for our clients. This suggestion was made because Paladin techs had been installing the Trend Micro “Titanium” version on thousands of computers over the years, and it seemed like a fitting proposal.

Paladin’s new Managed Antivirus is an excellent option to consider. The program is a great way to have antivirus protection without having to manage the software yourself. I (CJ) become the IT guy for your antivirus, which means I do all the work for you. You don’t have to set it up, or make sure it’s running properly – that’s all on my end.

Besides having Paladin manage the program for you, another perk is the low price. It’s only a few dollars per computer each month, and is added to your monthly Paladin subscription. There are no hidden fees or extra charges involved. I (CJ) install the Trend Micro Security Agent on your server computer, and from there it’s added to each selected computer.

At this point, you might be asking how it all works. As soon as it’s installed, the program starts an active scan. In addition to this scan, Trend Micro does a “deep scan” at 2:30am every morning, so you will want to leave the computers on overnight. Information is compiled after every scan, and you are emailed a detailed report of any suspicious activity at 9:00 every Monday morning. The report you are sent includes any suspicious files that were blocked and on which computer these files were located.(This is an excellent management tool, I must say.)

Here at Paladin we believe in the new Managed Antivirus program so much, we back it up with a guarantee.

  • If a virus gets past our Managed Antivirus running on your computer and Paladin needs to be reinstalled, you get a remote build for free (remote builds are 199.00 otherwise).
  • If a virus locks the computer down so it needs a new hard drive, you receive a new hard drive with Paladin software already installed for free (imaged hard drives start at 495.00 otherwise). (Disclaimer: This guarantee only applies on computers that come from us here at Paladin!)

Many clients feel that if Paladin trusts the managed antivirus so much, they’re requesting it for even their non-Paladin store computers. We’ve even received requests to put it on customers’ home computers! I like to say that we can add the managed antivirus on any computer, at any time. This includes laptops, tablets, cell phones, and various mobile devices as well … even the ones that aren’t related to work.

I am looking forward to answering your questions about Trend Micro as well as keeping your store safe. The process is so simple, you’ll wish you’d started earlier. Call me to get started!

CJ Mckay

Customer Service Representative/Certified Lead Technician 


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