Where Technology Needs to Go Next

Where Technology Needs to Go Next paladin data corp pos systemYou open your email to discover the interface has  been completely redesigned and now you can’t find that one button you need most. The trendy app you just downloaded seems so complicated to navigate. And you’re not sure you want to update your mobile device and risk having to learn to operate it all over again.

Each and every one of us have likely experienced this frustration. As technology increasingly penetrates every aspect of our lives, we use it for everything: banking, shopping, planning the day, staying healthy, entertainment, navigating and staying in touch.  We have become so accustomed to having it, we couldn’t live without the conveniences and options it offers… Yet something still seems to be missing.  Why isn’t technology collectively easier to use?

It would appear that the race to develop the prettiest, most innovative “next big thing” has eclipsed the reality that technology must be user friendly, intuitive and consistent. The technology of tomorrow needs to be easy to install, painless to update, efficient, have detailed help documents, instinctive to navigate and, most importantly, SIMPLIFY not  complicate our lives. Imagine a world where buttons are all right where you expect them to be, updates don’t turn your life upside down and you actually have more free time because of your technology.

At Paladin Data, we stand by our mantra, “Powerfully simple point of sale.” This is reflected in every facet of our software, mobile technologies, training and customer service. Our focus, presently and into the future, is a balance of state-of-the-art and user-friendliness. Perhaps this formula will be the next “latest and greatest” trend in the technology world. We certainly hope it is.

Mike Williamson, General Manager

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