Soaring to Success with Intelligent Ignorance

soaring to success

“The customer is always right; Employees must follow protocol at all times…”

You can probably add many other revered business rules. But can established norms be more limiting than lucrative? What if Columbus had simply accepted the prevailing notion of a flat earth? And where would we be if the Wright brothers had taken as truth the sentiment of flight being impossible? Fortunately for us, these and many other great minds have demonstrated intelligent ignorance – the ability to focus on a goal while being ignorant of the impossible. Belief without limits is a powerful force in the ever-progressing retail arena.

Make room for intelligent ignorance and watch the innovative, fresh ideas take flight. Encourage inventive problem solving with frequent, open-minded employee brainstorming meetings. Identify tried and true techniques that have stopped working and toss around the crazy and “impossible.” Seek suggestions from those with no industry knowledge – sometimes fresh eyes have the clearest vision. Then modify these ideas until you reach your goal. Eliminating paradigms will maximize potential brilliance and bring new opportunities to your business. Who knows what greatness lies just ahead. The sky of success is wide open!

By Leticia Stryker

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